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Question Mark, Meme Speak, and the Evolution of Language

Question Mark asks Why Wat How? CweepyPasta fan art
Question Mark (aka Queistion Mark) asks “Why, Wat? How?”

Amelia’s latest drawing, a character from CweepyPasta (a cuter version of CreepyPasta). We briefly discussed the correct spelling of “Question,” I also made sure she knows that there’s an “H” in “what”.

Amelia: “Mom, I know. That’s just how they do it on the videos.”

Me: “Ah, memespeak, or text speak.”

Amelia: “Yeah, like how you is U.”

Me: “Oh I’ve always hated that one.”

Amelia: “But why? It’s just a shorter way of writing it. Why would that make you angry?”

Me: “I guess it’s just my fear of change in the face of all that is constantly evolving. You’re right, if I can be I, there’s no reason you can’t be U.”