On being poor and riding the bus

Jesus isn’t going to be my bus driver any more and I didn’t find out the routes were switching until it was too late to thank him. I was sure to thank the other two regular bus drivers on the last day. The Regular Bus drivers knew me and didn’t bat an eye let alone call me out when I dropped in far too little change for my fare.

I felt some regret, last week, digging into the real copper pennies which I know to be more than 1 cent in value based on the metal alone. But I paid for less than a tenth of my fare so I guess in arbitrary values of things I’m coming out ahead. I’ve gotten on with no fare at all–save my embarrassment at having to admit my empty handedness–often and even recently, I prefer to pay what I can, though, to keep the public transit moving and to not set a bad example or earn the ire of my fellow riders. (That’s my privilege, I recognize.) 

Now, the routes have changed, the drivers are new. Still the 333, but a new name on the placard, new person behind the wheel.  As I dropped exactly $1.85 into the meter yesterday, the first day, the driver told me, “it’s $2.10 now”. Ouch. Also, the student discount is now only available for students under 18 years old. Personally, I’ve never used a student discount. A young lady who did got the news today. She sat behind me; I heard her call her dad and ask for more allowance.

So, I end on a passage I read today from “Time Enough for Love” by Robert Heinlein (which I have learned you cannot read until you’ve read “Revolt in 2100” and “Methusalah’s Children”):

You can’t make money by making money because money isn’t money other than on its planet of issue. Most money is fiat; a ship’s cargo of the stuff is wastepaper elsewhere. Bank credit is worth even less; Galactic distances are too great. Even money that jingles must be thought of as trade goods–not money–or you’ll kid yourself into starvation.

I just grabbed this from google images.

Night in New York

My good friend Melissa just started an ingenious business called One Day Labs in which she connects independent web devs with people who need websites. A website in a day! Can you imagine? I couldn’t, until I read her ebook and participated in WimpGives, the charity hackathon that she and her fellow WIMPtators (aka. the people who run WIMP) put on each year.

It’s an honor to be on the team of devs ready to design and build a website in just one day for the right client with the right project. Melissa asked for a photo to go with each team member’s bio. Inspired by Melissa’s photo and equipped with photoshop, an email subscription to Death to The Stock Photo, and of course my favorite selfie (which you might recognize from my homepage other places around the web), I created this photomontage:
Remember that Night in New York? Me Neither.

Being a friend to Carl

jennifer-lawrence-in-the-hunger-games-mockingjay-part-2-2015In the weeks since my preceding post about adventures on the county bus, I’ve made a concerted effort to be a better friend to Carl. All of us regulars have. Together We’ve been able to influence him toward more appropriate conduct with the young ladies he meets. On this morning’s ride, he and I bonded over our mutual love for Jennifer Lawrence, after I informed him that she’s actually 25.

Carl’s actually a decent fellow, despite being a Raiders fan. The highlight of his week was helping an elderly man struggling with pain from a back injury board the bus and get seated. The other highlight of his week was scoring a new Raiders shirt. He’s looking forward to seeing the latest Hunger Games movie.


The Way Down

Jesus brought me down on the 333. It’s one of the older busses on the county’s fleet. It’s got faux wood paneling inside. Jesus is an excellent driver.

It was crowded when I got on, rows full of students and their companion backpacks. I walked all the way to the back and back up again. I sat near the middle next to an older woman who I didn’t recognize as a regular. Carl talked the whole way, like he always does. Too personal and too close to a girl who either goes to the high school or the junior college. He doesn’t seem to understand the boundaries of personal space, but we forgive him the way we would a child because he’s obviously that in some respects, but he’s got to be in his forties and someone really ought to talk to him about propriety. Closest I’ve ever come was telling him sharply not to disrespect me.

It was here that I pulled out my Heinlein and escaped as John Lyle.

Flexnav is clearly superior to Bootstrap Nav

I just released the starter theme that this site is based on with one very important change, I used Flexnav by Jason Weaver instead of Bootstrap’s built in navbar.

Flexnav solved several key issues with the BS (3.x) navbar which, frankly, drove me nuts!

  1. Flexnav allows for basically unlimited subnav depth out of the box.
  2. Drop down parent items can be actual links
  3.  Hover reveal for desktop
  4. Installation is easier – there is no need for a bunch of extraneous classes to nest subnavs so there is no need for a complicated nav walker class on your wp_nav_menu function.
  5. The code is more elegant for its simplicity

I’m curious to find out whether BS 4 will give me reason to switch back, but I doubt it because Flexnav is everything I ever wanted in a responsive nav menu. You can get it from jasonweaver.name/lab/flexiblenavigation/


The other day I was scouring the parking lot near work for unclaimed change in the parking meter coin return slots.

I found none.

What I did find was a discarded fortune cookie fortune. No cookie, just the fortune; it read:

One who waits to do a lot of good all at once never does anything.

It wasn’t what I was looking for, but it was exactly what I needed.

Well that was somewhat embarrassing

You probably didn’t notice, but my site was serving a 500 error since last Sunday. Today is Friday (well it will be in 15 minutes). I became aware of the error on Tuesday.

The error was not the result of my implementation of HTTPS using CloudFlare, that went swimmingly. It’s because I switched back to another project I was working on and began editing MY .htaccess file with changes for the other project, and I didn’t notice because I was falling asleep at the keys trying to get everything done before my kids woke up!

Liz Code

My boss gave me one of the greatest compliments of my professional career yesterday. He asked who would be theming our latest project and when I said I would be, he said “good. I want this to be Liz Code.”