Liz Nix

Hello, Beautiful

There is a sweet spot somewhere between Pahrump NV and Vegas where you see those purple mountain’s majesty.

Majesty, and such

Between the place where those Scandinavian folk at hotel brunch told how much they appreciate WalMart because there is nothing like it where they were from, my own appreciation for WalMart as a place where  I could pee in a safe, well-lit toilet at any hour while camping in their parking lot during the nights which would follow, and a place where I could buy $5 shoes after I wore clean through the ones I’d brought; and the glitz and “anything-goes” attitude of Vegas where I, in my black and white and red pretty-lady get-up, became a central figure in a Penn and Teller act. Between the hotel room in Pahrump where I felt comfortable enough at an affordable price that I could sleep off a cold for 3 days before camping in said WalMart parking lot, and the handgun safety and skill course which was the reason for the trip in the first place.

I realized in that sweet spot that this is actually still the best country in the world, and I feel almost hesitant now to wash my hands of the whole thing.