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Question Mark, Meme Speak, and the Evolution of Language

Question Mark asks Why Wat How? CweepyPasta fan art
Question Mark (aka Queistion Mark) asks “Why, Wat? How?”

Amelia’s latest drawing, a character from CweepyPasta (a cuter version of CreepyPasta). We briefly discussed the correct spelling of “Question,” I also made sure she knows that there’s an “H” in “what”.

Amelia: “Mom, I know. That’s just how they do it on the videos.”

Me: “Ah, memespeak, or text speak.”

Amelia: “Yeah, like how you is U.”

Me: “Oh I’ve always hated that one.”

Amelia: “But why? It’s just a shorter way of writing it. Why would that make you angry?”

Me: “I guess it’s just my fear of change in the face of all that is constantly evolving. You’re right, if I can be I, there’s no reason you can’t be U.”


Well that was somewhat embarrassing

You probably didn’t notice, but my site was serving a 500 error since last Sunday. Today is Friday (well it will be in 15 minutes). I became aware of the error on Tuesday.

The error was not the result of my implementation of HTTPS using CloudFlare, that went swimmingly. It’s because I switched back to another project I was working on and began editing MY .htaccess file with changes for the other project, and I didn’t notice because I was falling asleep at the keys trying to get everything done before my kids woke up!

Fostering Generosity by Promoting Property Rights

We don’t make our kids share, unless they have joint ownership of a thing. In our house property rights  reign supreme.  The funny thing is by not requiring that my children share, but giving them examples of sharing, they’ve become more generous.

My oldest daughter who is 6 was disappointed with her $1 from the tooth fairy for her latest lost second incisor. For the record, she knows there is no tooth fairy and that’s just a game we play; but that’s another blog post for another day. After sulking for most of a day, she decided to work for more money by helping with the dishes. She was offered $10 for the whole job. She completed half, and while most of the dishes she washed had to be re-washed, she worked hard and I was happy to pay her $5 for what she’d done. After getting paid she gave her original tooth fairy money to her little brother. Today when we went to spend her bounty she spent $1 on her little sister and broke off a piece of her candy bar for her brother and another for me. What I see in this little girl is generosity in it’s purest form, giving for no other reason than that it feels good to give.


Pink Plastic Plate

Sometimes you step on a plastic plate. The last plastic plate featuring a picture of your child’s favorite commercial character. Now you must throw it away and plan to buy a new one. You must. You think of over flowing landfills and burning fossil fuels. You think of sweatshops and factory waste. You think of all the times you have to decide what will go back if you’re over budget in the check out line, because you didn’t have the time to pack a calculator and find the very best deal per ounce of toilet paper and square of peanut butter. You didn’t weigh the bananas. That plastic plate is in your future nonetheless. Unless your child says, “It’s okay. I know it was an accident I can use glass plates now, anyway.” Which she might, because sometimes, she is just that cool.

In any case, you probably shouldn’t sweat it too much, because sometimes, you use paper plates.