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Eagle study for Juan

My good friend Juan asked me to draw an eagle for him. He’s planning a full back tattoo and wants a front view of an eagle with wings spread, claws ready to grab prey. I’ve collected the following from google images for source material. I’m really just putting them up here for my own quick reference while sketching them.





Night in New York

My good friend Melissa just started an ingenious business called One Day Labs in which she connects independent web devs with people who need websites. A website in a day! Can you imagine? I couldn’t, until I read her ebook and participated in WimpGives, the charity hackathon that she and her fellow WIMPtators (aka. the people who run WIMP) put on each year.

It’s an honor to be on the team of devs ready to design and build a website in just one day for the right client with the right project. Melissa asked for a photo to go with each team member’s bio. Inspired by Melissa’s photo and equipped with photoshop, an email subscription to Death to The Stock Photo, and of course my favorite selfie (which you might recognize from my homepage other places around the web), I created this photomontage:
Remember that Night in New York? Me Neither.


As an exercise, choose 1 word and 1 free stock photo at random do what you can with them in 30 minutes.

First get your word. I went to google and typed “random word generator” and went with the first result. I had the tool generate 9 random words knowing ahead of time I would take the 7th, whatever that may be.

My word is: Freewill

Now the stock photo. I recently signed up on and I notice that I’ve got a new photo pack from them in my email. Great. I haven’t looked at them yet, there’s 10 in the pack so I’ll just grab the nearest random number generator and give it a good shake. Well it spit out a 9. Image number 9 is:



Hrmm. Well 30 minutes on the clock (Google 30 minute time, hit enter, the thing auto starts right in your SERPS so be ready). Aaaaaaaaaaannnnnd, go!


So, I came up with this:

I’m not thrilled with it, but it’s something. I’m cool with putting it out here.


EDIT  – > anyone else want to take a shot with the same source material? you can get a copy of the source photo here. Post your result in the comment!