Liz Nix

About Me

I am Liz.

I am a mom. My 3 kids are wonderful people, despite my many shortcomings as a parent. My eldest loves to create so I’ll be posting her art here, and I’ll feature the others’ talents too as they manifest in web-postable forms.

I am an artist. I have a degree in digital art, with a strong fine-art background. My passion is color theory but my favorite medium is black ball point pen. I don’t create as often as I’d like to, but when I do, I’ll feature it here on this site.

I work in web. I’m a fairly strong front end developer and I’m looking toward a future in programming. Progress is slow and arduous, but this is my calling.

Working in web means working in marketing; as a fan of Bill Hicks, this reality has caused me a bit of existential discomfort but I’ve come to realize that marketingĀ is all about communication and it doesn’t have to be disingenuous by default.

I’m a weirdo. Like Gonzo, from the Mupetts. I’m pretty sure I’m from another planet, and not the same one as most of the rest of you. I’m also pretty sure you’ll like me anyway.

I write, never professionally and with no formal training other than one creative writing course in junior college, but people say I make pretty with the words, so you’re going to see some of that here too.

I am a leader. I was reluctantly such at first, because I don’t really like to tell other people what to do, but the role has grown on me by virtue of being both a mom and (at one time) a production director. Also, I humbly ask that everyone consider contributing to my campaign for the 2020 presidential election. I’ll do just as well as anyone else. Plus, I’m very very pro nap.